Nian-Shing Chen

Dr. Nian-Shing Chen


Dr. Nian-Shing Chen is a Chair Professor in the Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Sciences and Program of Learning Sciences at the National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan.

Professor Chen received the National Outstanding Research award three times in 2008, 2011, and 2015. He is ranked in second place on the Top Authors list by article count in Computers & Education. He is ranked number 4 on the top scholar list in the educational technology field based on an article published in the British Journal of Educational Technology. One of his papers published in Innovations in Education and Teaching International was awarded as the top-cited article in 2010. 

Professor Chen is ranked third in the list of Social Sciences and Humanities Scientists in Taiwan. Based on AD Scientific Index 2023, Prof. Chen is ranked number 8 in Asia and is ranked number 103 in the world in Education Research. He is listed as World’s top 2% scientists in 2021, 2022, 2023 and in the list of "Lifelong Science Influence Rankings (1960-2022) by Stanford University.

Professor Chen was served as the Editor-in-Chief for Educational Technology & Society (ET&S) journal. He is also a golden core member of IEEE, a lifelong member of ACM, and the former Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology.

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