Research Projects

Research Projects


  • 應用教育機器人與物聯網玩具融入國小英語課堂之互動式學習腳本: 設計,開發與評估. (MOST 109-2511-H-003-053-MY3), 2020/08/01~2023/07/31


  • 總計畫: 結合語言學習機器人與物聯網玩具提升國小中高年級學童英語能力-結合語言學習機器人與物聯網玩具提升國小中高年級學童英語能力之總計畫暨子計畫七:結合機器人與物聯網玩具建置沈浸式語言學習環境之設計、開發與評估. (MOST 108-2511-H-003-061-MY3), 2019/08/01~2022/07/31

  • 透過機器人與玩具輔助語言學習以增進國小四年級生之英語文法. (MOST 108-2511-H-224-009-), 2019/12/01~2020/11/30

  • 開發與應用穿戴式科技e化輔助訓練系統於桌球技能學習. (MOST 108-2410-H-037-016-), 2019/08/01~2020/10/31

  • 體適能數位互動遊戲開發(2/2). (MOST 108-2511-H-003-055-), 2019/08/01~2020/07/31

  • 不同回饋方式對羽球動作技能學習成效之比較研究. (MOST 108-2410-H-110-055-),2019/08/01~2020/07/31


  • 批判性思考能力之評測工具發展及提升批判性思考能力之學習系統設計、應用與學習表現分析. (MOST 107-2511-H-003-054-MY3), 2018/08/01~2021/12/31

  • 體適能數位互動遊戲開發(1/2). (MOST 107-2511-H-003-019-), 2018/08/01~2019/07/31

  • 透過擴增實境內容創作行銷台灣提升科大學生跨文化英語力. (MOST 107-2511-H-224-005-MY2), 2018/08/01~2020/07/31


  • A systematic requirements analysis, critical research issues, and innovative applications of educational robots, MOST106-2511-S-110 -002 -MY3, Ministry of Science and Technology, 2017/08/01 ~ 2020/07/31.


  • Main project: Using Wearable Technology to Develop a Context-Sensitive and Real-Time Adaptive Environment for EFL Learning, Ministry of Science and Technology, MOST104-2511-S-110 -009 -MY3, 2015/08/01~ 2018/07/31.

  • Using Wearable Technology and Communicative Language Teaching Strategy to Develop a Context-Sensitive and Real-Time Adaptive System for Enhancing EFL Communication Skills, MOST104-2511-S-110 -007 -MY3, Ministry of Science and Technology, 2015/08/01~2018/07/31


  • Design, Development, and Evaluation of a Gesture-based Game System for Senior Functional Fitness, MOST103-2511-S-110-002-MY3, 2014/08/01~2017/07/31, Ministry of Science and Technology

  • Development and Promotion of Applied Science Education, MOST103-2517-S-110-001, Ministry of Science and Technology, 2014/01/01~2014/12/31


  • Design, Development, Deployment and Evaluation of a Natural User-Cloud-based E-Learning (NICE) Platform Interface enabled Integrated, NSC101-2511-S-110--003-MY3, National Science Council, 2012/11/01~2014/7/31

  • Development and Promotion of Applied Science Education, NSC101-2517-S-110-001-MY2, National Science Council, 2012/02/01~2013/12/31

  • Content analysis and trends exploration of SSCI journals in e-Learning, NSC101-2911-I-110-508, National Science Council, 2012/02/01~2013/1/31


  • An Interactive Learning Space with Motion-Sensing Robot Learning Companion for Improving English Learning Performance, NSC100-2511-S-110-001-MY3, National Science Council, 2011/08/01~2014/7/31


  • An Innovative Learning Approach of Integrating Printed-book, Mobile Phone And Digital Learning Materials: System Design, Development, And Experimental Evaluation, NSC99-2511-S-110-004-MY3, National Science Council, 2010/08/01 ~ 2013/07/31