1. Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Educational Technology and Society (SSCI), Since 2010

  2. Chair, IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology, Since 2012

  3. Editorial Board Member , Educational Technology & Society journal [ISSN 1176-3647 (print) & 1436-4522 (online)] (2001-)

  4. Guest Editor , Special issue on transforming the classrooms: innovative digital game-based learning designs and applications for Educational Technology research & development journal, 2014

  5. Guest Editor , Special issue on the medium matters for Computer Assisted Language Learning, 2014

  6. Guest Editor , Special issue on current advances in digital learning technologies for Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences, 2014

  7. Guest Editor , Special issue on grand Challenges and research directions in e-Learning of the 21th century for Educational Technology & Society journal, 2013

  8. Guest Editor , Special issue on the disruptive power of virtual reality (VR) and serious games for education for Interactive Learning Environments Journal, 2013

  9. Guest Editor , Special issue on technology enhanced learning: moving theory into practice. Knowledge Management & E-Learning: an International Journal , 2010

  10. Guest Editor , Special issue on the Current Status and future of e-Learning in Taiwan. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 2010

  11. Guest Editor , Special issue on knowledge infrastructure of the future. Educational Technology & Society, 2009

  12. Guest Editor , Special issue on the theme "Synchronous methods and applications in e-learning", Campus-Wide Information Systems - The international journal of information and learning technology (ISSN 1065-0741), 2006

  13. Guest Editor , IEEE LTTF Learning Technology newsletter, July 2003 issue (Special Issue on Pedagogy and implementation issues in the synchronous communication based educational systems), 2003

  14. Reviewer, Computers & Education (SSCI)

  15. Reviewer, Educational Technology and Society (SSCI)

  16. Reviewer, Educational Technology Research and Development (SSCI)

  17. Reviewer, The Internet and Higher Education (SSCI)

  18. Reviewer, Interactive Learning Environments (SSCI)

  19. Reviewer, Computer Assisted Language Learning (SSCI)

  20. Reviewer, Asia Pacific Education Review (SSCI)

  21. Reviewer, Computers in Human Behavior (SSCI)

  22. Reviewer, Cyber Psychology and Behavior (SSCI)

  23. Reviewer, IEEE Transactions on Education (SCI, EI)

  24. Reviewer, Journal of Distance Education Technologies (EI)

  25. Reviewer, Journal of Internet Technology (EI)

  26. Reviewer, Journal of Information Science and Engineering (SCI Expanded, EI)

  27. Reviewer, International Journal on Digital Learning Technology

  28. Reviewer, Campus-Wide Information Systems Journal reviewer

  29. Reviewer, Journal of Information management (TSSCI)

  30. Reviewer, Bulletin of Educational Research (TSSCI)

  31. Reviewer, Sun Yat-Sen Management Review (TSSCI)

  32. Reviewer, Journal of Internet Technology (SCI, EI)